Your mortgage is likely the largest financial decision you will ever make, Talk To Mort can help you fully understand it

Talk To Mort provides an intuitive in depth look at the your mortgage in facts and figures not jargon and spiel .

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Mortgage Overview- A snapshot of the big numbers, how much does your mortgage cost overall and how much of it is interest

Cost Of Mortgage
Monthly Payment
Total Interest paid
Your mortgage will be made up of 360 payments of £560. The total amount you will pay is £560000. Of this 24% is interest. The next section displays how your mortgage payments are split between capital and interest.

Monthly Payment in detail- A look at how your monthly payment is split between interest and capital repayment

amortization chart: This chart shows you ten months evenly split across your full mortgage term. Starting from
and ending with
The cumulative effect of reducing your capital and thus paying less interest per month results in you reducing your mortgage by in the first third, in the middle third and in the final third

Mortgage Affordability- historically mortgage rates follow the bank of England interest rate and will rise and fall with it...

mortgage affordability check: This chart shows your indicated mortgage against different interest rates to give you an idea of cost and afforability
Year Base Rate*
2013 0.5000%
2010 0.5000%
2007 5.2500%
2004 4.0000%
2001 5.5000%
1998 7.2500%
1995 6.6250%
1992 10.3750%
1989 12.8750%
1986 10.8750%
*As of april that year
A Common indicator of affordability is not to spend more than 33% of household income on house payments. You need to work out how much you can afford (and consider future interest rate changes) but to keep things simple we use 33% here. For the mortgage you have indicated the calculated income would be .

Mortgage Comparisons- see the effects on total cost and monthly payments of taking your mortgage over different terms

mortgages terms: These charts show you what your monthly mortgage payment and total mortgage cost would be over different mortgage terms
(x-axis in years).
An extra will reduce your mortgage by and reduce the total cost by